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THREE SECRETS Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know!


Secret 1: The insurance adjuster is trained to control the direction of your claim in order to provide maximum benefits for the insurance company and minimum benefits to you.

For those claims where there is authorization for payment the adjuster is trained to do two things: 1) close the claim as soon as possible and 2) pay as little money as possible. If a claims adjuster is well trained and experienced, there should be little conflict between him and the injured person. The claims adjuster is educated to create a “relationship” with the injured person. In fact, the claims adjuster will often call every two to three weeks to check on the status of medical treatment for the injured person. These calls are often disguised as a caring inquiry to “document the file;” but, beware. The information that the adjuster obtains through their “friendly” phone calls is often used to benefit the insurance company… not you. 

Secret 2: Any Statement Given By You Will Very Likely Be Used Against You

Many times the interview is recorded, the adjuster usually explains that the recorded statement is a necessary “hurdle” that must be jumped in order for the investigation of the claim to take place. The adjuster rarely warns you that the comments or statements you provide in the recorded interview may produce the consequence of diminishing the value of your claim or outright denial of it. Each case is uniquely different. Arm yourself with the knowledge that the recorded statement is for the insurer’s benefit. Be assured the conclusions the adjuster draws from the recorded statement will affect future payment or nonpayment of your claim.

 Secret 3: A Quick Settlement Is Not Always The Best Settlement

Each person’s injuries and the facts of an accident that led to the claim are unique and different. It is impossible for a lawyer to properly evaluate and to state in a single telephone call the “value” of a case. You already know the adjuster is trained to control the direction of the claim. There are still other factors to consider that are equally as important and often times may be more important than the above examples. It is important to not take the quick settlement, because your case could worth a lot more.

At the end of the day, the best choice to take after a car accident so that you’re fully compensated and treated for any injuries – is seeking out an attorney.  At Accident Medical Group we will provide you with the best fit attorney for your case – ALL AT NO COST.

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