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Texting = Ticket? New Law in Florida!


Florida drivers listen up: As of Wednesday January 1st, 2020, officers are now authorized to hand out tickets if you’re texting while driving. The new Florida Text and get a ticket New Florida law law has been in the works since May but is now being enforced. Although the grace period between May to December are over, many drivers are still not aware. 

This new law is crucial to be aware of due to the amount of car accidents that are caused because of texting while driving. It becomes a distraction thus becoming a hazard to those near you.

First time offenders will have to pay a $30.00 citation plus the court cost. The citation goes up to $60.00 as well as three points added to the driver’s license if in a school, or construction zone.

Exceptions are made if the driver is stopped at a red light, or if they are utilizing a GPS device.

Resisting the urge to reply to that text, or scroll through your feed could potentially save lives.

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