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Slip and falls – What to do


A slip and fall is a personal injury case in which an individual slips on a commercial property. Work injuries fall under workers compensation not slip and falls. If you suffer a slip and fall incident, the first step is to immediately seek medical attention. Secondly, report the accident by issuing a written report.

Slip & fall on a private property?

In a slip and fall case, this requires you to prove that you did not trespass the property.

Gathering Evidence.

It is important to get as much evidence as possible of the incident, since we can use witnesses testimony, surveillance video, pictures and other to show the property owner knew about the hazard—or should have known about the hazard—but failed to make the necessary changes.

How does negligence cause slip and fall injuries?

Negligence on the part of the property owner can cause a slip and fall injury in a number of ways. Some of the most common include:

  • Spills, tracked liquids, or leaks that cause slick floors;
  • Cracks in sidewalks, rolled rugs, torn carpet, and other uneven surfaces;
  • Steps, curbs, and other obstacles that lack proper warning;
  • Extension cords and other trip hazards in a walkway;
  • Stairs without handrails or with faulty railings; and
  • Problems stemming from improper maintenance, such as potholes and broken tiles.

Since most of these hazards occur because of poor maintenance, the liable party is typically the person or company in charge of maintaining the area where your fall occurred. This is usually the property owner, unless a business or other occupier leases the property and handles the maintenance. We can help you identify the liable party based on the facts of your case and pursue compensation through their insurance company.Call 305-AMG-HELP to to connect you with a slip and fall lawyer and relieve the burden.