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Should I talk to the insurance company after a car accident?


The answer to this question is—yes, you should talk to your insurance company after a car accident—and—no, you shouldn’t talk to the other driver’s insurer. Even if it’s clear that the other party was deemed at-fault for the car accident, it’s best to engage your car accident attorney to speak with the other insurance company.

You Aren’t Required to Speak with the 

At-Fault Driver’s Insurer

Don’t speak with the insurer if there’s a possibility that you, a passenger, or even the other driver will make a claim for a serious personal injury.

When Should You Speak with the Other Insurer?

If the at-fault driver lied to or refused to provide you with his or her insurer

If the at-fault driver is unaware of your vehicle damage or accident car injuries

Talking to the Other Insurance Company Can Affect Your Claim

Again, it’s best to avoid speaking to the other insurer at all. Ask your car accident attorney to communicate with the other insurance company.

What you say can—and will—be used by the other insurer to refuse your claim or reduce the payout.

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Generally speaking, don’t discuss anything with the other insurance company. Don’t discuss who’s at fault, damages, or the seriousness of your injuries. Don’t speak with the at-fault driver’s insurer without your own legal representative.

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