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Most Common Car Accident Injuries and Treatment Guide


Individuals might get checked out right after a car accident in Florida. Some car accident injuries, such as whiplash, might not be noticeable immediately. Therefore, it is beneficial to get checked out by a medical expert, or at the scene if paramedics are present. The most common type of car accident is rear-ended collision. They are usually caused by careless drivers who are speeding, texting, and under the influence, which can result in severe injuries.


Neck and back injuries are also very common in car accidents. Most vehicles fail to protect individuals from whiplash. This is because not all cars are equipped with special headrests to prevent whiplash from occurring. The contusion occurs when the neck stretches and quickly snaps in place suffering a severe trauma at impact. They can also damage the spinal cord, ligaments, vertebrae, or disks, depending on the incident.

The functionality of different parts of your body may be compromised as a side effect of whiplash. Thus, you may need to see a therapist specialized in this type of injuries. In some cases, you don’t even notice you have suffered from a whiplash until days after the car accident. Therefore, you might want to visit a medical facility to get checked out and to keep a record as evidence.


 A concussion by an object inside your vehicle when it is smashed into another vehicle or obstacle can cause leg or knee suffering. The consequences might range from minor bruises to major fractures. Injuring your toes, ankles, and feet is also possible. You might want to visit a medical expert in case of a fracture. We work with a network of medical facilities that can properly diagnose and give the proper guidance.


Brain injuries can be deathly. Most of the traumas occur by hitting your head on the windshield, or any type of jolt to the head. These incidents cause irreparable injuries such as memory loss, impaired concentration, vision loss, and emotional control. Depending on the circumstance and the severity of the accident, an individual may experience mild concussions or everlasting conditions. In addition, individuals might suffer from other injuries including dental injuries, ear injuries, eye injuries,a fractured nose, or a fractured jaw.

Whiplash brain concussions may vary in severity. Ranging from mild wounds caused by an intense brain shaken inside the skull that leads to bruises. The usual treatment for mild brain contusions is to rest for a proper amount of time. More serious contusions can cause severe headaches, vomiting, and disorientation. Extreme cases occur when there is internal bleeding, after experiencing a blackout or severe trauma. Because of this, you would need to go to the emergency room immediately. 


If you break a bone during a car accident, you should go to the emergency care for immediate assistance. There are different types of bone fracture, and certain procedures might be necessary depending on the severity of the injury. In some cases, bones might heal with surgery or with the use of a cast. For instance, a crack occurs when there’s a complete break. On the other hand, a compound fracture requires major attention, since the bone usually sticks out of the skin. This can be considered a high-risk injury due to the high-risk of infection of an open wound.


Chest injuries can still occur even with the implementation of airbags. However, they have decreased. Internal injuries, such as fractures can still occur. In addition, multiple organs might suffer some sort of trauma after a severe chest contusion. Thus, it is important to proceed to the right medical facility provided by us and undergo necessary procedures to assess the conditions. 


Visiting a medical facility after a car accident is essential. To ensure that you are safe internally, especially since some injuries might not be noticeable until days after the incident. medical experts can give diagnostics to determine whether an incident caused internal injuries.

Some people might suffer from depression or chronic pain after being involved in an accident. This can result in performing poorly in their usual jobs or activities. If you or a loved one have suffered from injuries, contact us at 305-AMG-HELP to connect you with the proper lawyer and medical center for your case. Remember to always keep a record of all doctor’s visits, including therapists that you might visit for anxiety, depression, and an overall recovery. If you are entitled to a personal injury compensation, it is required to present evidence of medical care for any harm caused to you from the accident.

Ultimately, we will help you get the right team that will support you throughout your accident treatment and claim as well as getting rid of all the exhausting paperwork and multiple calls.