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Most Common Car Accident in FL?


The most common kinds of car accidents in Florida are rear-end collisions. Anyone who spends a lot of time in traffic has either had or almost been involved in a rear-ender.

Rear-end traffic accidents occur when one vehicle hits another directly from behind. Most commonly, these occur when a car or truck is stopped at an intersection, stop sign, or in traffic, and the following vehicle does not have enough time to brake, colliding with the first.
 According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA), a rear-end collisions occurs every 8 seconds. In fact, every year there are more than 2.5 million rear end accidents resulting in 40,000 fatalities!

When both vehicles are about the same size and weight, the amount of property damage is usually the same. However, if one of the vehicles is much larger than the other, the smaller and lighter vehicle will sustain more damage subjecting the occupants to more serious injuries.

Frequently, rear-end collisions happen without any notice to the front vehicle. These types of sudden impact give the occupants little to no time to brace themselves. When occupants are turned or reaching for something and not seated directly facing forward, they can be very seriously hurt. Most seat belts are designed to restrain passengers from rear-end impacts while facing directly forward facing.

Injuries with rear end collisions sometimes do not show up right away, however can begin to develop over time. To take advantage of free medical treatment post accident, and guarantee injuries are not more serious than the exterior shows. diagnostics within the first 14 days of the accident is highly encouraged. Once a diagnostic is completed post accident, you will have a better idea of your injuries, how to treat the, or if you even have injuries at all.

Accident Medical Group works with some of the best medical teams all over the state of Florida that are on stand by to assist you post accident, no matter if you don’t feel pain right away. We set you up immediately to receive a FREE diagnostic to ensure you’re okay.

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