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Miami-Dade’s New Plan That Could Alleviate Traffic?


President Donald Trump has confirmed Washington will send $100 million to the county of Miami-Dade for its planned rapid-transit bus system in South Dade

Trump tweets: “I’m excited to commit $100M to @MiamiDadeCounty, FL in @USDOT funding to connect fast-growing communities through state-of-the-art transit service! Fast, safe, and beautiful infrastructure!” 

Mayor Carlos Gimenez has confirmed the tweet his own tweet: “This will bring much needed transit relief to communities ranging from Florida City to Kendall, & we hope to have it running in the next couple of years,”

Gimenez also spoke in an interview for a local radio station, stating that although the name of the plan is “Rapid-transit Bus”, these “Buses” will not look like buses at all! A whole new design will visually look more like trains, now opening from the sides instead of the front.

Miami-Dade will have support from the federal government, the state and county totaling to a $300 million dollar plan with expectations of more than 7,000 people daily users. This plan will alleviate every day transit, meaning less traffic in the county.

A study shows Miami-Dade currently holds 12th place in worse traffic congestion in the country and nearly 80% of residents rely on a car for transportation. 

What are your opinions about this plan? Do you think it will help?

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