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How Do You Explain This To Your Insurance Company?!


Shocked to find his car bumper damaged, and car allegedly being broken into, Acar called the police thinking the incident was an attempted theft. 

However, surveillance camera footage later revealed that the damage was a result of an attack led by stray dogs in the industrial estate where the car was parked.

Acar said the total cost of the repairs was almost 5,000 Turkish Liras.

Acar suggested that the attack might have occurred when the dogs pursued a cat hiding under the car. 

“But we cannot see any cat in the footage,” he said, while adding that he would not be lodging any official complaint about the dogs. 

 “Stray dogs who were recently filmed destroying a local man’s car may have been doing so out of aggression.” said the Chair of the Chamber of Veterinary in Sakarya, where the incident occurred.

Yıldız also said the dogs might have smelled meat, leading them to destroy the car in pursuit of the smell.

Whatever the case may be for the dogs reason to break into the car and destroy the mans bumper – without the footage who would of believed a group of DOGS did it! Try explaining that to your insurance company.

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