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Hey Florida!


Hey fellow Floridians, Accident Medical Group here! We want to properly introduce ourselves to those who may not know in our entirety what it is that we provide, as well as some background of our business. 

Accident Medical Group was founded by Juseff Pubchara, a Cuban-American Miami Native. He’d known a lot of people in the area, due to being involved in the community and noticed that car accident rates were only on the rise. He began Accident Medical Group with the purpose of helping those in the community who had also helped him. Working hard to build his network of attorneys and trusted medical providers, he continued connecting people to the best ones available.

Fast Forward to 2019, we officially opened our offices in North Kendall with an excellent team eager to assist. In the last almost three years, we have been able to go from 60 to 100 medical providers in the state of Florida ensuring we can cover more cities to help post-accident. We pride ourselves in connecting our clients no more than 5-10 miles from their work or home to a medical provider of their choice from our incredible network. 

A question we get asked often is “How Does It Work?”

If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident the most important thing to do is call 911, and take pictures of the scene. Wait for the officer to arrive at the scene in order to create a police report with both parties records and what exactly happened. If you were not at fault, and have your police report available – call our 24/7 line: 305-AMG-HELP – We will listen to what happened, go over your concerns and instantly set up a call with an attorney in order to properly review your case. While the attorney is reviewing your case, we will also connect you to one of our many trusted medical providers close to you to have you checked immediately and ensure, although you may not feel any pain, that everything is okay.

 We will provide both an attorney and medical provider to you post accident, 100% free – there are no fine lines, gimmicks, or games.

We pride ourselves in helping those in our community and surrounding cities in Florida every single day. Our main goal before anything is to make sure our clients are set up with professionals they feel comfortable with, receiving the proper diagnostic/treatment they may need, and working with an attorney that fights for the highest possible compensation they can receive from their case. If you win, we win! 

From helping a few people to now hundreds, we feel humbled to be able to continue our mission of spreading positivity and a helping hand throughout our Floridian neighbors.

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