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Accident Medical Group | DUI Diversionary Program. What it is and How it Could Benefit Us.


David Simmons the Senate President pro tempore, R-Altamonte Springs, has filed a bill (SB 1396) to create what’s known as a “diversion” program for people caught driving while under the influence.

Simmons, who chairs his chamber’s Judiciary Committee, wants to create a year-long pilot program for first offenders. Upon completion, a judge would withhold adjudication (meaning no formal conviction) on a driving under the influence charge. It could also save offenders thousands of dollars.

The program would be open to drivers not involved in a crash, who did not have a minor as a passenger, and had a blood-alcohol level of 0.20 or lower. If they agree to participate in the program, their driver’s license would not be suspended.

They would, however, have to plead guilty to a reckless driving charge, perform community service and agree to have a device in their car that prevents it from starting if it detects alcohol in the driver’s breath. 

How do you feel about this bill? Are you in accordance with Simmons bill? or feel that drivers under the influence should face the current consequences of the law? 

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